Remove Ingrown Hair

Remove Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs usually curl back on themselves and most often occur in people who have curly hair. But anyone can face this problem at any time in their lives. People who shave regularly have more chances of facing the problem of ingrown hair. Let us learn how to Remove Ingrown Hair and keep them from coming back

Use a sharp device

You can gently tease the hair out of the skin with the help of a sterile needle, rotable medical device for ingrown hair or a pair of tweezers. Before you do this, however, use a warm compress which will bring the hair to the surface and avoid digging if the hair does not come out easily. It is better not to pluck the hair out completely if you manage it. Simply ensure that the ingrown end comes out of the skin. Removing ingrown hair may take some time, so you need to be patient taking care that you don’t cut the skin.

Remove Ingrown Hair

Sometimes there is a loop of hair near the skin surface which means that the tip of hair has started growing into the skin. If you take a needle, get it in and tug a little the end of the hair will come out.

If you are using tweezers, then there are two types one with a pointed end and the other with flat end. It is advisable to use a one with pointed tip it will cause less damage to the skin. Another good idea is to use a rotable device which is especially made for removing ingrown hair. This device does not damage the follicle or the skin surrounding the ingrown hair.

How to keep skin clean of ingrown hairs

Wash the area where the ingrown hair was with warm water and a moisturizing soap. Then use an antiseptic on that area to protect yourself against infection. Do not wear tight clothes around that area, and use an exfoliating agent to prevent ingrown hair. It is also advisable to apply a topical solution daily to avoid any more ingrown hairs from occurring. Sometimes the ingrown hair may be impossible to get out because it is grown very deep. If the methods mentioned above don’t work, then you should see a dermatologist who will Remove Ingrown Hair.


Remove Ingrown Hair

Use a moist and warm compress on the area for a few minutes, which will make the skin soft. For this you can simply make a washcloth wet with hot water and wring it to remove the excess water. Press this cloth against the skin where the hair is growing. If the cloth becomes cold, use hot water again. If you are able to see the ingrown hair under the skin, the warm compress with soften it and the hair will come close to the surface of the skin. Keep applying the compress until you can see the hair on the surface of the skin. If you use the compress for ten minutes and still cannot see the hair, it means that you will not be able to remove it yourself. In this case it will be advisable to take medical help of a dermatologist.

Egg membrane

Take the membrane from inside the eggshell and apply the membrane on the problem area. Let the membrane dry and shrink and once it dries you should pull it off, which will remove ingrown hair.

Acne medication

Ingrown hair is very similar to acne, especially when there is pus accompanying the ingrown hair. Use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid many times in a day for a few days. It is also advisable to exfoliate daily along with this treatment. A combination of these two methods will often remove the ingrown hairs because the swelling will reduce and give the hair room to grow out rather than growing in. If there is no acne medication around, you can use aspirin or toothpaste instead.

Warm milk and bread compress

Take a small amount of milk and make it warm taking care not to make it too hot. Dip some bread into the warm milk and place this piece of bread on the ingrown hair or boil remove the bread when it cools. Repeat the process for about 10 minutes and check for the opening of the pore, take a needle and pull out the hair to free it. If you are unable to see the opening, repeat the dipping and holding process. If the hair still does not come out, you need to take medical help.